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17.06.2023 Susie's Summer Ball - Lucky Day
Tanzen in den Sommerferien für Einsteiger. Kostenlose Schnuppertermine. Flyer Download.
Susie's Summer Ball - Dancing Again
08.06.2019 Susie's Summer Ball - Susie Q's 40th Anniversary
Cue Sheets: OK Fineprint - OK Cuecard
09.06.2018 Susie´s Summer Ball - Party All Year Long
04./05.11.2017 Workshop Slow Two Step & Jive
Ab 14.08.2017 Tanzen in den Sommerferien für Einsteiger
Susie´s Summer Spring Ball - We are Dancing on April Fools' Day
Cue Sheets: Cry No More - Spooky
You can find a Video of Spooky on
Susie´s Summer Ball - Dancing Through The Seasons
Cue Sheets: A Buena Vista
04.07.2015 Susie´s Summer Ball - Celebrating 4th of July
Cue Sheets: Moonshine - Gelato Cha
Alternative Download Links: Moonshine - Gelato Cha


Susie´s Summer Ball - Dancing on the Walk of Fame
Cue Sheets: Here Comes The Toreador - Here Comes The Toreador (Head Cues) - Mariposa Traicionera - Mariposa Traicionera (Head Cues)


Susie´s Summer Ball - Good Luck Charm
Cue Sheets: Relax - Sleepsong


Susie´s Summer Ball - England Swings
Cue Sheets: Y Volvere - Y Volvere (Head Cues) - Do The Cha Cha Swing

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